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Gets information about the currently installed LabVIEW IDE versions.

0.1.0 9 Downloads

An abstraction layer API built to help communicate with databases from LabVIEW.

0.1.1 51 Downloads

The Referenced UI Framework is a tool that allows the user to quickly assemble a user interface using a template UI class.

0.5.0 39 Downloads

A malleable, by-reference, configuration interface for everything

1.2.1 279 Downloads

Interface for multiple database engines to handle authentication, connection management and query support. Source is LabVIEW 2017.

0.2.4 116 Downloads

An Error logging interface

0.1.2 65 Downloads

Provides the basic interface for the MGI Error Reporter Framework

0.1.2 68 Downloads

A basic file logger panel interface.

0.1.3 42 Downloads

Provides a database interface for working with ODBC database connections.

0.1.1 9 Downloads

Provides a Multiple Document Interface (MDI) extension for the MGI Panel Manager Framework.

2.0.1 8 Downloads