jmcbee 13 packages published

Simple User Manager with persistence and encryption.
A malleable, by reference, linked list
A test executive library for adding sequencing with flow control to your application. The API uses malleability to keep typing of attributes flexible, and has an abstract Test Step class so that test steps are extensible and specific to your context.
A user interface with a customizable API for building and editing test sequences created with the Test Executive.
Simple data type serialization package
Beta version of a persistence package.
A session framework for abstraction of business logic through a by reference API
This package is an extension of the MVA Framework and provides a view that replicates a Windows file explorer window.
MVA extension that allows Dialogs to act like ViewManagers
An extension for MVA-Viewable that provides concrete ViewManagers
An extension for MVA-Viewable (the view component that can be installed with a dependency on MVA-Core) that defines an extension point for Dialog Boxes.
CLD Car Wash Example implemented with MVA Framework and Test Executive
Variant based run time assertion library, for asserting equal, not equal, greater, greater or equal, less, less or equal.