DerekMGI 35 packages published

A framework to manage VI front panels
Fast and flexible JSON Parsing.
A toolkit to help easily build database queries from LabVIEW data types.
An Actor Framework implementation of MGI's Panel Manager Framework
Basic helpful reuse VIs
Gets information about the currently installed LabVIEW IDE versions.
An easy API to the windows console when working with windows CLI applications.
The core functionality to monitor actors
Provides a quick way to visual actor based applications
The MGI Standard Error Reporter configuration.
Logs errors to a markdown file and displays a preview.
Writes LabVIEW errors to a markdown file.
A basic file logger panel interface.
A basic panel to log errors
An Error logging interface
An error parser that helps decode error source strings.
Combine multiple error reporters into a single panel
Basic helpful reuse VIs
Provides a Panel Actor Based error reporter.
Displays Rendered Markdown