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Messaging extensions to the LabVIEW Actor Framework

0.2.0 370 Downloads

An Actor-based Separation-of-Concerns framework (MVVM) for very cool LabVIEW developers

2.2.3 393 Downloads

The core functionality to monitor actors

3.0.4 137 Downloads

Provides a quick way to visual actor based applications

3.0.3 88 Downloads

An Actor Framework implementation of MGI's Panel Manager Framework

3.1.1 125 Downloads

User interface components for building a complete MVA Framework separation of concerns application

0.1.0 3 Downloads

Core framework components to run a headless MVA application on a PC or real-time target

0.2.0 9 Downloads

A framework to manage VI front panels

2.0.2 134 Downloads

Provides the basic interface for the MGI Error Reporter Framework

0.1.2 64 Downloads

Provides an extendable tab extension for the MGI Panel Manager Framework.

2.0.1 5 Downloads